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The New Zealand Sequence Dance Directory

To promote Sequence Dancing as an enjoyable, healthy, affordable, social activity.


Due to the unprecented challenges of  Cvoid - 19  some dance groups may

have put their dances on hold.


Please check with the contact person for your dance group.


Take care & stay safe


The Dance Directory Team


About Sequence Dancing

Sequence Dancing is a couples dance form that has it's origins in the centuries-old stately Gavottes and Minuets. It has evovled through various stages including Veletas, Viennese Waltzes, Gyps Taps and Foxtrots. Today, dances still express the character of the particular music chosen to choreograph, and inlcude Bossa Novas, Quicksteps, Jives, Sambas, Saunters, Modern Waltzs and Tangos.

There are hundreds of dances to choose from. Some clubs prefer the more sedate; other prefer more lively routines. Everyone progresses around the floor, moving in a circle, while doing the same sequence of steps.

As New Zealand dancing is non-competitive, there is much goodwill, and no special outfits are needed.

Everyone can choose their own level of dancing, and may attend several dances a week, enjoying the exercise, music and company.

There are some dancers who wish to challenge themselves further and try ballroom competition dancing, while ex-ballroom dancers may turn to sequence dancing.

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